Curated Inspiration: Botanical Rhapsody


Curated Inspiration: Botanical Rhapsody

Plants have cemented their place in art and design. There is something beautiful about the relationship between Human and plants. The Oxygen they release we need and the carbon dioxide we release ( to an extent). We are almost hardwired to associate plants with peace.

The new age Brutalism in architecture has brought a strong botanical element that breathes a new and relevant life to architecture, and plants will be a critical to create any relevant piece of architecture in the coming years. In Interior design The Bohemian style of interior design puts an emphasis on organic elements by way of plants. Finally, Art, has always looked to plants as the inspiration, elements, or the center stage. 

It is astonishing how much we are connected to plants. How much they put us in a better mood, and as inspiration, how timeless they are.

Then instead of looking for inspiration, surround yourself with it!

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