Our Story

We all start life with big dreams. Some want to play sports, some wanted to go to space, and some dreamed of spending their life creating art. As we grow older dreams turn into passionate hobbies, and we accept our fate. I accepted mine. Until one incredible day, where I decided to play a prank.

While at work I was listening to music with beautiful cover art. A Co-worker was raving how beautiful is was and that we should print on a canvas. I thought that was so silly. So I printed the art on regular paper, taped it to the wall with a note that said, " your masterpiece!" Everyone was amused and got a good laugh out of it. Eventually everyone got back to work, everyone except for me.
My mind was racing. Excited with all the possibilities. I didn't think, I didn't research, I didn't know where to start. I only knew one thing: I was not going to accept my fate. I have been told to stop being so silly, stop doodling everywhere. I am glad I didn't listen. 
Whether you are a collector, or a fan of our content, or just a passionate passerby, I want thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's because of people like you, That myself and other creators can live pursue our dreams.