Sedona to The Sea: Scottsdale


Sedona to The Sea: Scottsdale

Every location on our journey taught us something, Scottsdale was not supposed to hold significance on this trip. I was not supposed to be a place where we find enlightenment or take find incredible subjects to shoot.

It was just a place where we would pass by. 

We were wrong and we learned our greatest lesson from this desert oasis. 

The great Cactus is the mascot of Arizona. They seemed to be everywhere. Almost too often. I was always advised to stop and take pictures, but I always thought we can get back to them they are everywhere. 

This procrastination would leave us without  any photos of the mighty cactus. During this time I was doing research on Cacti and I became obsessed . Of course like most things when I became obsessed, I couldn't find any around me. 

The only place we can think of was a mountain towering over the whole city. No matter where you were in the city, you can see the Cactus studded Mountain. 

We woke up early, and found where we could access the hill. A steep mountain and a clumsy photographer don't mix well, but we were able to make it. 

On the way we found the most amazing subjects and took pictures that would were some of our most memorable.

The main lesson we learned here was not to take things for granted. When you find the opportunity take it and don't wait. What seemed to be a just a mundane pit-stop, turned out to be very memorable.

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