Sedona to The Sea: Venice Beach


Sedona to The Sea: Venice Beach

Coming to the end of our adventure, we were glad to be home. We reached the beach and we took the time to appreciate what we seem to take for granted. 

The breeze, the sunshine, the incredible weather, isn't that why we are willing to pay the egregious rents? There was nothing we hadn't seen before, but we wanted to capture the essence of the beach. We wanted to create pieces that you can feel just by looking at them. 

We started in in the canals, fell in love, and quickly checked houses for sale. Depressed that we would need to sell al lot more pieces, we walked along the beach and started our adventure.

The most incredible thing about this day was how bright and sunny it was. Usually across the beach there is a layer almost all year around, and for it to be so clear was incredible! 

Needless to say the theme of that day was appreciation of the beauty of the sea and the treat to our senses that brings!

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